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Ready for a journey within a journey? As you leave the hotel with your tour guide, your discovery of the territory immediately begins. We will drive to the south, along green areas with rice paddies and breeding farms, then to the coastal areas rich of birdlife and lake-plants, till the typical fishing village of Marceddì.  Along the way, the tour guide you will describe the nature, history and the ancient technology of this enchanting place, well-known for the production of bottarga, fish and shellfish of the highest quality. Overtake one ancient one-lane bridge and the village of St. Anthony of Santadi, we'll reach the Costa Verde.
Unblemished like few other places, with its trees and shrubs bent by the mistral wind-blowing, it holds archeological sites. Throughout the spring aromatic essences spreads their flowers' scents and a shimmering patches of color. We will stop at the wonderful beach of Pistis and then one more stop to visit the seventeenth-century Aragonese Tower of Flumentorgiu (Arbus), where dune fields show themselves in their whole immensity. Then we'll head to Piscinas. Here it will be an unique experience whether you swim or you jump in the dune crests.
The tour continues along the west-side of Arcuentu mountain, in order to reach Montevecchio. Among cool forests populated by Sardinian deer, you will have your packed lunch. The site of Montevecchio Mine, part of the " Parco Geominerario Storico e Ambientale della Sardegna " and "European Geoparks", was awarded as the Destination of Excellence by the European Commission in 2011. Here you will see the places where the Sardinian Industrial and social revolution occurred. Surrounded by a wonderful environment you'll enjoy the difference between the humble workers' houses to the luxurious palace of direction.  On the way back, you'll take a different route through the small towns and rural areas of San Nicolo d’Arcidano and Terralba.

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