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Let’s go, the tour starts! The adventure begin with the transfer that heads to Barumini, through the ancient  malarial marshland which had been completely reclaimed becoming nowadays green fields, paddies and  farms.
Driving through the heart of Marmilla, where there are typical volcanic hills and basaltic plateaus called “le giare”(the jars), we arrive in Barumini in order to visit the nuragic site par excellence, "Su Nuraxi", a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the visit, crossing the Marmilla, we will catch a glimpse of the ruin of Las Plassas' castle at the top of the homonymous hill,  then we head towards Cagliari. Throughout the trip, we will run along the ancient great Rift of Campidano where the remains of extinct volcanic cones are still visible on both sides.
Cagliari is the Sardinia's capital and main port which has been inhabited since prehistoric times and scenario of many dominations over the centuries. Crossing the urban area we will reach the harbor and then the white Cathedral of Our Lady Bonaria, where the Pope came for his pilgrimage in September. A panoramic tour lead you to the beach of Poetto and the Sella del diavolo (Devil's saddle), with its legend about devil and angels. At the foot of the hill, with an overlook on the crystal clear waters of Marina Piccola, we'll consume the packed lunch. On the way back, we will move towards the historic heart of Cagliari and the upper part of the town. Will have a look at the ancient Roman amphitheater and the whole ancient district of "Castello" with the Citadel, the Cathedral, famous for its neo-Romanesque facade and baroque interior, the towers, the magnificent ramparts and its terraces over the city. A maze of narrow streets host small workshops preserved the ancient architecture of the old city. The   return to the hotel   will be an opportunity   to chat with   your   Guide:   nice   words   in the Sardinian language , recipes  and typical products,   ways of being and   legends.

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