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Anyone who comes in Sardinia cannot leave without having tasted its typical products and having seen its amazing monuments. This tour lets you combine the discovery of the Sardinian history with its imposing vestiges and its more typical flavors.
The white Basilica of Bonaria, the colors of Poetto beach, the promontory of Sella del Diavolo, the polychromatic saline Molentargius and the beautiful pink flamingos introduce you to the South Sardinia. Along the ancient wine ways, from the rural district of Parteolla to the Trexenta’s area, you appreciate the tastes and smells of the countryside. In the municipality of Dolianova, you will discover the production of pecorino sardo at Argiolas’ Dairy. The tour continue along the fertile plain of Campidano, till to Senorbì, where you will see  the cellar of Cantina Trexenta. Heading  to the  train station of Mandas, the historical hub of the famous Trenino Verde,  you will start a time travel marked long the way  by  the presence of many road inspector's houses.  
After a rustic lunch, surrounded by rolling hills, our time travel continue till to the heart of  the rural district of Marmilla where you will discover the most impressive megalithic construction of Sardinia: the Nuraghe of Barumini, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The village of Su Nuraxi in Barumini, settled between the XIII and the XI century BC, was fully brought to light by the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu from 1950 to 1957.
On the way back, the Marmilla area will continue to amaze you with its castle of Las Plassas, ancient legacy of the Giudicale period. Not just a tour, but a real time travel and a journey into the Sardinian culture.


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