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The beautiful Sardinia is full of mysteries and curiosities. This tour leads you to the places where giants inventions brought lots of men hundreds feet underground. The tour shows you the places where began the Sardinian class struggle, which recall the Charlie Chaplin’s black and white movies. You will also discover the megalithic structures built by our ancestors the Nuragici .
Crossing the plain of Campidano, you will see the ancient volcanoes’ remains long the Rift Corsica-Sardinia of the Pliocene Epoch. The Campidano plain was so fertile that the former Romans called it the granary of Rome.Reaching the slopes of the volcanic massif of Arcuentu , we will drive you along the ways that were used by the miners, donkeys during the Sardinian industrial revolution. Today Montevecchio is awarded by the European Community as a Tourist Destination of Excellence, prix Eden 2011, which bring back to our mind the ancient success of the mine, able to attract the attention of the great European colonial elites. Surrounded by oaks forests, Montevecchio still shows the ancient mine shafts, mining trucks, workers' houses and the luxurious Direction's Building. In the Montevecchio’s woods, Sardinian deer’s home range, you will have a rustic meal. In the village, you could also buy knives and baskets made by the elders artisans.
In the afternoon, you'll see the oaks woods and you will discover the cork extraction technique. Then, you will also discover a Tomb of the Giants (of 3400 years ago).
On the way back, passing next to the slopes of Monte Linas (the highest peak in the south-central Sardinia), you will enjoy the beautiful countryside views of olive and citrus crops and also you will see the NATO base of Decimomannu with its warplanes.


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